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As October 15 approaches, Wakanday is gearing up nicely with some excellent speakers confirmed, presenting some great topics:

IDC’s Al Hilwa will give us an overview of the software development market and where JavaScript fits in.

Joe McCann will walk us through the current state of JavaScript and where it’s going from here in his presentation on “End-to-End JavaScript.”

In “From ‘Callback Soups’ to Deferreds” Julian Aubourg will show us how to avoid having callbacks within callbacks within callbacks, and keep our code looking like the movie Inception. (Is that really a bad thing?)

Oleg Podsechin will focus on “The Future of Server-Side JavaScript,” making the case for a cross-platform, synchronous, Rails-like framework.

Drawing from his experience with PhoneGap and Brightcove, Jesse Streb will take us deep into the process of building a native app in his session “Deploying native apps built on JavaScript.”

More sessions are in store, and we are still accepting speaker proposals. But hurry! You only have until September 7 to tell us about the awesome topic you want to present.

Speaking of hurrying, the earlybird deadline to get your Wakanday ticket for only $99 is coming up on September 9! In addition to the great presentations, you get free food, free drinks (beer!), and the ever-popular JS.everywhere () t-shirt. Don’t miss out on the savings – Register today.

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