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Scott AndrewsScott Andrews – VMware

Scott Andrews is a Software Engineer with VMware working on Cloud Foundry. Within Cloud Foundry, he works to make the developer experience as rich and frictionless as possible. Before joining Cloud Foundry, Scott was a founding member of the Spring Insight project and continues to be a contributor to the Dojo Toolkit and many of SpringSource’s open source and commercial efforts.


Thibaud ArguillèreThibaud Arguillère – Senior Software Evangelist, 4D

As a kid, Thibaud Arguillère wanted to be the commander of an aircraft carrier. He later changed his mind and worked as an emergency medical doctor in Reunion (a piece of France in the Indian Ocean). He then spent many years programming with 4D, C++ and JavaScript for his own small software engineering company. He joined the 4D R&D team in 2008, worked on the 4D and Wakanda product lines, and is now Senior Software Evangelist, traveling around the world to demonstrate solutions developed by the company.

Thibaud’s lastest aspiration is to be a rock star, but without any singing talent, he’s happy to be on stage in front of an audience talking about software.


Julian AubourgJulian Aubourg – jQuery

Julian Aubourg is a member of jQuery’s Core Team. He rewrote Ajax in 1.5, adding Deferreds to the library in the process. He then refined this implementation in 1.6 and the soon-to-be-released version 1.7.

Julian lives in Brussels, Belgium, and is the co-founder of Creative Area, a web development company where he finds client-side and server-side JavaScript solutions daily.



Henri BergiusHenri Bergius – Director of R&D, Nemein

Henri Bergius, a.k.a. Bergie, is a former Viking based in the Nordic country of Finland. When he is not exploring Georgia’s cave cities or running with the bulls in Pamplona, Bergie works on web services built on top of the Midgard toolkit. His company, Nemein, provides web and mobile solutions for several major companies in Finland and abroad.

After half a decade of regular web development, Bergie got involved with free software in 1999 by coordinating the public release of the Midgard content management system. Since then, he has been actively working on integrating standards like RDFa into the system and traveling the world advocating interoperation between open-source CMS’s.

Much of his latest work involves building web services in CoffeeScript and doing data integration with the NoFlo flow-based programming toolkit.


Doug CrockfordDouglas Crockford – JavaScript architect, Yahoo!

Having passed through the halls of Atari, Lucasfilm, and Paramount New Media, Doug was there for the birth of the genre of media that now dominates our time and attention, and has since become a champion and leading voice on JavaScript, the world’s most popular programming language.

He discovered the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format while being the CTO of State Software, created the JSLint debugging tool, and is the author of the highly-referenced JavaScript: The Good Parts.


Christoph DornChristoph Dorn – Independent Developer

Christoph is on a mission to make developers highly efficient in working with open source-based systems.

Having a severe dislike to doing anything twice, he fine-tuned his calling while managing and working in the software production lifecycle of several companies. In 2006 he “went independent” to actively pursue his own creative direction.

Leveraging 15+ years experience in all areas of the web application development field and unencumbered by corporate interests, he is now following his passion of automating the software production and maintenance process end-to-end, from a bottom up perspective. Christoph believes open source software and especially JavaScript will revolutionize the way we build systems once we learn how to work together on one global codebase while following our own interests.

Christoph is a longtime member of the Firebug Working Group and CommonJS initiative, has reviewed books for O’Reilly and created the FirePHP project, which was the first extension for Firebug back in 2007. His focus is now on rolling out a cross-platform CommonJS loader along with a new kind of toolchain platform written 100% in MIT-licensed JavaScript and a suite of tools and services that aim to make portable JavaScript applications actually practical and enjoyable to build and maintain.


Mark FisherMark Fisher – VMware

Mark Fisher is an engineer at VMware and lead of the Spring Integration team. He is also a committer on the core Spring Framework, co-lead of the Spring AMQP project, and a contributor of messaging support to the Spring BlazeDS Integration project. Mark is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups in North America and Europe, and along with other Spring Integration committers, is an author of the forthcoming book, “Spring Integration in Action” to be published by Manning.


Melinda GalloMelinda Gallo – Wakanda Project Manager, 4D

Two months after earning her B.A. in French Literature, while searching for a way to live in France, Melinda was hired by 4D in Paris (previously known as ACI) to provide technical support to the company’s international subsidiaries and distributors. There, she discovered her joy for writing when she became responsible for producing 4D’s monthly technical notes. Besides learning how to program on the job, she also studied technical writing at the American University in Paris. Six years later, Melinda left Paris to become an independent 4D developer in England. In 2002, she decided to focus on the Internet and began developing websites with two different backends: 4D and PHP/MySQL. Thanks to her mobile job, she was able to move to Florence, Italy, where she currently lives. At the beginning of 2011, she returned to 4D in Paris to write several Wakanda manuals. Recently, she has become the Wakanda Project Manager and is looking forward to contributing to the product’s success and to writing technical notes once again, only this time for Wakanda.

John HannJohn Hann – lifeIMAGE

John wrote the JavaScript that powers several enterprise-scale, ultra-rich web apps for demanding companies such as Nissan, Walmart, Whirlpool, IBM, Ubisoft, and nine of the ten top pharmaceuticals. He has written powerful JavaScript frameworks from scratch, but has also learned to love Dojo, jQuery, and Prototype. John lives, eats, and dreams JavaScript – and has been coding furiously in it since 1996.

Matt HicksMatt Hicks – Red Hat

Matt Hicks is one of the founding members of the Red Hat OpenShift team. He has spent over a decade in software engineering with a variety of roles in development, operations, architecture, and management. His real expertise is in bridging the gap between developing code and actually running it in production. An expert in IT and cloud-based architectures, Matt spends his time these days evolving OpenShift to harness the power of cloud and make developers more productive.

Al HilwaAl Hilwa – Program Director, IDC

Al Hilwa serves as Program Director for IDC’s Application Development Software research. In this role, Mr. Hilwa provides thought leadership, expert opinion, analysis, research and competitive intelligence on all issues related to Application Development technologies, processes and audiences. Mr. Hilwa also offers technology advice to investment and technology firms as well as IT end-user organizations that subscribe to IDC’s services. Mr. Hilwa has written columns for various tech publications and has been widely quoted in the technology and business press in the New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and BusinessWeek.

In addition to market sizing and forecasting, the Application Development Software Program provides comprehensive coverage of the vendors and technologies in the space including mobile device development, cloud platform architectures, and open source strategies.

Mr. Hilwa’s career has spanned end-user, vendor, and analyst roles at firms such as USB, Microsoft, and Gartner.


Philippe le Hegaret - W3CPhilippe le Hegaret – W3C

Philippe heads the W3C Interaction Domain, which produces front-end Web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, SVG, WOFF, and Web APIs. Until July 2008, Philippe led the W3C Architecture Domain, which produced the W3C Core technologies in the areas of XML, Web Services, and internationalization. He is a former chair of the Document Object Model (DOM) Working Group.

Prior to joining W3C, Philippe promoted the use of XML inside Bull SAS in 1998 by focusing on the interaction between XML and object structures. He wrote the first version of the CSS validator in 1997.


Glen Lipka - MarketoGlen Lipka – VP of Product Management & User Experience, Marketo

Glen Lipka is the VP of Product Management and User Experience at Marketo, a marketing automation SaaS company located in Silicon Valley.  Glen started his career running a thirty-person web development company in NYC during the internet bubble. (Pop!)

Ever the early adopter, Glen pioneered the use of animation on the web, HTML/tables, then CSS, then jQuery, and Sencha ExtJS. In addition to UX, Glen’s skills range from system administration to graphic design to programming.


Alistair MacDonaldAlistair MacDonald – CTO SignedOn, Inc – W3C Audio Working Group Chair

Alistair is an open-source JavaScript developer who began freelancing in London in 2004. He co-founded Bocoup, a web-shop/hack-space, in 2010 and currently chairs the Audio Working Group at the W3C.

Alistair has consulted for Mozilla, working on various HTML5 technology demos like “Flight of The Navigator” and “No Comply.” He has written JavaScript tutorials for magazines and given many workshops and presentations on JS & HTML5 related subjects. He worked as a technical-lead on the Processing.js project with The Seneca Center for the Development of Opensource Technology at the University of York in Canada and currently organizes the Boston JavaScript Meetup Group and The Digital Musicians Boston Meetup Group. Alistair is now working at SignedOn, Inc. in downtown Boston, creating socially integrated web-applications and co-creation platforms using Node, Couch, and jQuery.


Joe McCannJoe McCann – Principal Architect, subPrint

Joe McCann is the Principal Architect at subPrint Interactive, a mixed-media, web, mobile, and digital consultancy focused on bringing to life cutting-edge technological initiatives.

Over the past ten years Joe has worked on a multitude of digital projects for various clients ranging from small, independent businesses like Zocalo Design in Austin, TX, to Fortune 500 companies like Hewlett-Packard and VMWare. Joe has spoken at some of the top technical conferences around the world, such as The Ajax Experience in Boston, JSConf EU in Berlin, Android Only in Stockholm, and SXSW on topics ranging from Rapid Prototyping with JavaScript to making websites more accessible for visibility and dexterity-challenged individuals. Joe serves as an industry leading expert in new and exciting technologies, helping advise companies, like Google Ventures, where startup and investment capital would best be served for their technological objectives.

Joe is a staunch supporter of the open source movement and web standards. Currently, Joe’s passion lies with true end-to-end JavaScript solutions for any type of project: Web applications, RESTful API design, native mobile applications, and desktop software. These solutions include JavaScript tools like Phonegap, Node.js, Titanium, and many libraries found on Github.


Alexandre MorgautAlexandre Morgaut – Community Manager, Wakanda

Alexandre Morgaut started out doing Web development in 1995 on Mosaic and Netscape. In 1999, he converted a Java chat room applet into pure “Ajax” before XHR was available, and started to create Flash-like Web interfaces in JavaScript. After a number of years designing and developing Web sites and Web applications at French TV channel TF1, using JavaScript, PHP, Flash, and SQL, Alexandre was hired at 4D to enhance Web technologies in application servers and IDEs (i.e., 4D and Wakanda). Participating in Web standards working groups, Alexandre is working hard at making Wakanda a wide-open platform and creating a large, enthusiastic community around it.


Oleg PodsechinOleg Podsechin – Ionsquare Ltd.

Oleg Podsechin offers technical consultancy for startups and does due diligence work for investors. As a result, he has experience with a number of different technologies, but he prefers JavaScript. He currently has a number of server-side JavaScript projects in production.

Oleg is involved with Akshell, the browser-based IDE and server-side JavaScript platform and has contributed to RingoJS. He is one of the organizers of the Moscow JavaScript meetup. Oleg helps out at DailyJS, one of the most popular JavaScript blogs, and gives talks on a variety of topics such as cloud computing platforms and JavaScript on the JVM.


Laurent RibardièreLaurent Ribardière – Founder & CTO, 4D

Laurent wrote his first file management software, ABC Base, in 1983. A year later, he created the company ACI, known today as 4D.  As an innovator, Laurent is responsible for many industry “firsts,” including the first graphical relational database management system in 1985. For the past two years, Laurent and his 4D team have focused on JavaScript as the preferred language to develop rich business web applications. As his new “first,” Laurent is introducing Wakanda, the first unified open-source development platform that includes a client framework, graphical IDE, datastore and server-side technology to develop business Web applications entirely in JavaScript.


Jesse StrebJesse Streb – Principal Software Engineer, Brightcove

Jesse Streb is a Principal Software Engineer at Brightcove and founding member of the Brightcove App Cloud team. Prior to his focus on mobile development, he helped to found Brightcove’s Professional Services group, where he had the privilege to work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands including The New York Times, Condé Naste, and VEVO. Jesse has been a pioneer in the OVP space since his days as an engineer at Maven Networks (acquired by Yahoo!).

In his spare time, Jesse pursues his passion for mobile development as a contributor to the jQuery Mobile project.


Dave TerryDave Terry – Business Application Development, PDM Inc.

With 26 years of business application design experience, Dave specializes in database architecture and its practical implementation. As a principal of Pacific Data Management, Inc., Dave creates systems for a variety of organizations and industries including commercial real estate, executive placement, education & supplies, technology leasing, manufacturing/BOM, dairy management, gym administration, laboratory management, rent control & arbitration, gaming, and transportation. Dave’s experience spans several products including Oracle, 4th Dimension, .NET, Cold Fusion, SQL Server, and now Wakanda.

Dave is one of the leading proponents for the use of Wakanda as a business tool and wrote the Wakanda Server-Side Concepts manual.


Hannes WallnöferHannes Wallnöfer – RingoJS

Hannes has been working on server-side JavaScript solutions, running on a  Java virtual machine, for almost 15 years. He started out with Helma, a full stack web application platform. In recent years, he has spent most of his time  on RingoJS, a generic CommonJS-based JavaScript runtime. He is also a committer on the Mozilla Rhino JavaScript engine and has contributed to various  CommonJS proposals, such as the Module and Filesystem specifications. Hannes is a freelance developer and consultant working for media companies like the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF).


Dan Wasserman, PDMDan Wasserman – Business Application Development, PDM Inc.

Dan has 26 years of experience designing and implementing custom solutions for businesses. He has developed an expertise in a variety of projects after being frequently called upon to rescue existing projects. As a principal of Pacific Data Management, Inc., Dan has worked extensively with .NET, 4D, SQL Server, and Cold Fusion. Dan has also been developing web-based solutions for the last 16 years. He eagerly anticipated the day when the robust interactivity of a traditional client-server could be achieved via the web using open standards. Dan is also the author of the “Introduction to Wakanda Client-side Development” manual.



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