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Thanks to everybody who came out to make Wakanday such a success. We had a great time meeting the hundreds of JavaScript enthusiasts who made the gathering unforgettable. Special thanks go to our sponsors, our speakers, and the Omni Parker House for hosting us so well. Keep an eye on the Wakanday site as we roll out slides and videos from the conference, showing that there truly is JavaScript Everywhere.

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  • Web Audio

    The W3C Audio Working Group has been working with Mozilla, Google, and the global web developer community to enhance the audio feature of web browsers. Mozilla and Google have developed experimental JavaScript APIs that provide many much-needed features for sound and music in 3D games and digital synthesis in co-creation music platforms.

    Alistair McDonald – who happens to be the chair of the W3C Audio Working Group – covers: How the work on Web Audio began, jaw-dropping JavaScript demos using these experimental audio APIs, device connectivity and VOIP, the future of Web Audio, the standardization work at the W3C.

    More videos can be seen on the Wakanday Vimeo channel or YouTube playlist.

  • From Callback Soups to Deferreds

    Ever thought your code started to look like Christopher Nolan’s Inception? Do you have a hard time following the logic of your own code with callbacks within callbacks within callbacks? Does it become increasingly difficult to maintain and refactor your code because everything is so insanely coupled?

    Deferred Objects are amongst those tools you cannot live without in modern JavaScript development, client-side or server-side alike. The trick is to actually start using them.

    In this talk, Julien Aubourg of jQuery teaches you what Deferreds actually are and how to leverage the possibilities they bring client-side (jQuery) and server-side (Node.JS).

    More videos can be seen on the Wakanday Vimeo channel or YouTube playlist.

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