JavaScript, The World’s Most Misunderstood Language

Posted 14 hours ago @ omid

Yahoo! JavaScript architect Douglas Crockford talks about the history, strengths (or should we say “The Good Parts”), and faults of what’s considered the world’s most widely used programming language. More videos from Boston can be seen on the Wakanday Vimeo channel or YouTube playlist.

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JavaScript Everywhere with Wakanda

Posted 4 days, 12 hours ago @ omid

Dave Terry and Dan Wasserman of PDM Inc. were on hand to give an overview of Wakanda in Boston on October 15. They showed the basics of this new open source JavaScript development platform. They later went further in depth with both client and server workshops, which will be available as videos in the near [...]

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End-to-End JavaScript

Posted 5 days, 13 hours ago @ omid

Joe McCann of subPrint Interactive talks about the state of JavaScript today, business objectives in implementing JavaScript, gives an example of an end-to-end JavaScript product, and goes on to the future of JavaScript. More videos from Wakanday are available on our Vimeo channel or YouTube playlist, with more on the way each week.

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CommonJS Everywhere

Posted 1 week ago @ omid

“How can we make JavaScript more modular so that we can all work together?” Independent developer and CommonJS contributor Christoph Dorn poses this question to begin his presentation about what CommonJS is, what its goal is, and where the project is heading. More videos from Boston are available on the Wakanday Vimeo channel or YouTube playlist, [...]

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JS in the Enterprise

Posted 1 week, 5 days ago @ omid

We know a number of attendees had to leave before the very end of Wakanday to catch trains and planes out of Boston, so today we’re skipping to a highlight from the latter part of the day to catch you up on the action. We gathered together on stage Douglas Crockford, Laurent Ribardière, Joe McCann, [...]

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The Web is a Platform

Posted 2 weeks ago @ omid

“The Web is a platform,” or so goes the opening line of Philippe le Hégaret’s keynote presentation, HTML5 for Business Apps. Philippe heads the W3C’s interaction domain, so as you can imagine, his words on front-end technologies are worth a listen! More videos are being released regularly! Be sure to come back here, or subscribe [...]

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Relive Wakanday

Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago @ omid

If you weren’t among the 300 attendees at Wakanday/JS.everywhere – or if you were there but couldn’t be in every room at once – you can catch up on all the action as it took place in Boston. We’ll be regularly posting videos of each session, starting with the opening keynote, “The Battle for Developer [...]

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Wakanday is Under Way

Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago @ omid

    Wakanday  is well under way in Boston, with the first half of the day being dedicated to keynote presentations by  notable speakers in JavaScript. Industry analyst Al Hilwa of IDC started things off with an overview of the business application development market and the platform trends that will affect developers in the near [...]

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Wakanday Eve

Posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago @ omid

While some of the crew have been here all week making preparations at the Omni Parker House, the rest of the Wakanday team have now arrived in Boston in time for what promises to be an awesome conference on Saturday. Speakers are also starting to arrive (and, of course, those from Boston are already here!) [...]

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We’re loving your enthusiasm

September 14th, 2011 @ omid

We’d like to thank everyone who proposed sessions for Wakanday. The application period has now ended. We’ve already selected some great sessions and are still going through more of your proposals to put together the schedule for October 15. We’re very excited by the presentations you’ve suggested and can’t wait ’til we get to see [...]

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