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The web site is up and the venue has been booked. We even have a number of great speakers lined up. Everything is a go for the very first Wakanday, taking place on Saturday, October 15 in Boston.

Wakanday is about putting JavaScript on the professional development map. JavaScript is not only one of the world’s most popular languages, but it is also one of the fastest growing ones as people are discovering just how powerful it is. Individual developers and organizations are increasingly taking JavaScript well beyond the front-end, leaping from the browser to the server not to mention the datastore and even the data transfer protocol.

JavaScript is showing its potential to be the language for professional business web application development. Wakanday isn’t just for Wakanda developers: it is an occasion to bring together people with the creativity, the expertise and the curiosity to help make JavaScript – no matter what their chosen platform or development tools – the premier way of creating business applications.

Join us for a full day of fascinating keynote speakers, intimate breakout sessions, friendly networking, and an all-around good time.

If you’re interested in being a speaker at Wakanday, feel free to propose a session. In the meantime, we’ve confirmed some great presenters in JavaScript: Douglas Crockford, 4D & Wakanda founder Laurent Ribardière, and the globetrotting Joe McCann, and many more to come.

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